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Same as Mark’s. Go Aries! Birthday Same as Tammy’s
Born in Taiwan, grew up in Taiwan, Indiana & British Columbia Where are you from? Born in Taiwan, grew up in Central/South America
Can’t decide between mac ‘n cheese & sushi Favorite food Can I have a big bowl of sushi with spaghetti?
Tiffany blue Favorite color Black
Law & Order SVU, Covert Affairs & Gossip Girls Favorite TV shows 80′s cartoons
Harry Potter, Millennium Trilogy & Ender’s Game Favorite books Into Thin Air
Receiving chain letters Pet peeves When a protoss player tries to proxy cannon rush
Bailey’s Favorite drink Weird drinks I pick up at the chinese supermarket
It’s a tie between Ferragamo ballet flats & Manolos Favorite pair of shoes Converse
London Favorite city you’ve visited London
Rue La La Dangerous addiction Starcraft 2
Coffee Tea or coffee Does ice tea count?
Watching our daughter Madison Favorite part of the morning Watching our daughter Madison

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