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Same as Mark’s. Go Aries! Birthday Same as Tammy’s
Born in Taiwan, grew up in Taiwan/North America Where are you from? Born in Taiwan, grew up in Central/South America
Can’t decide between mac ‘n cheese & sushi Favorite food Can I have a big bowl of sushi with spaghetti?
Tiffany blue Favorite color Black
Game of Thrones & Hell’s Kitchen Favorite TV shows 80′s cartoons
Harry Potter, Millennium Trilogy & Ender’s Game Favorite books Into Thin Air
Receiving chain letters Pet peeves That Overwatch’s Genji
Bailey’s Favorite drink Weird drinks I pick up at the Chinese supermarket
Chanel espadrilles Favorite pair of shoes Converse
London Favorite city you’ve visited London
Mario Run Dangerous addiction Starcraft 2
Tea Tea or coffee Does ice tea count?
Watching our kids Favorite part of the morning Watching our kids
Bora Bora The one place you would shoot weddings for pennies Paris
Preparation time – the excitement & anticipation Favorite part of wedding day Ceremony
Dancing with everyone Favorite part of our own wedding day Reception and dancing
Ramen or tacos Cravings after shooting a wedding Ramen
World best wedding photographers

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