Croatia, that is how it all started. Trish wanted to go but could not find anyone who would, and Willie hated planning and thought what a great way to go to somewhere new without having to do any planning.

Trish is fun and very animated, with all sorts of hilarious ideas that makes everyone around her laugh. Including Willie, who couldn’t take his eyes off her. We had a blast photographing this cute couple.

So excited about their upcoming wedding!

On a beautiful sunny day in Vallejo, we joined Jo and her friends in planning a proposal to her darling Aileen. Jo recorded a video asking Aileen to come meet her at the park and then surprised her with a cute dance and a beautiful ring. She said yes of course :)

It’s such an honor to be there for this special moment. Congratulations to the newly engaged couple!

A rabbi walks into a bar and a guy starts talking to her. He smiles, she smiles and they start something very special. This is the true story of how Sarah and Eric met! We are honored be there to document their wedding at the CuriOdyssey Museum in San Mateo. This is our first timing shooting at this unique location!

Sarah has a beaming smile that just brightens the room and Eric has a quirky sense of humor that makes them so cute together.

The biggest treat was definitely the wedding shtick where their friends and family did several amazing performances. Whether it was reciting poems, choreographed dancing, playing games, acting, macgic show, stand up comedy, or doing “All the Single Ladies” better than Justin Timberlake in SNL, the group of talent among their friends was so amazing! This brought so much joy and laughter that made this wedding so fun and special.

Here are some of our favorite pictures to share. Please enjoy!

Much love,
Tammy, Mark and little Maddy

Preparation: Hilton Garden Inn San Mateo
Ceremony and Reception: CuriOdyssey Museum
Hair and Makeup: Elisa from Studio One

We met up with Jane and Chetan at the Ferry Building and Crissy Field for their engagement session and had a wonderful time together.

This adorable couple met during medical school in Pittsburgh where their friendship turned into something more special. We had tons of fun capturing their dazzling smiles. Chetan has the ability to make Jane laugh with little to no words. It’s so cute to see how smitten they are with each other. We are so excited about their wedding at Villa Montalvo!

Please enjoy some of our favorites photos!

“You look bored” was the first thing Mateo said to Nicole during their initial encounter. Surely things got more interesting after that! We had tons of fun laughing and roaming the streets of San Francisco with this wonderful couple. Here are some of our favorite pictures.

Looking forward to their big day later this year!

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