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Favorite images from some of our past clients:

Tammy & Mark caught so many beautiful moments during our wedding day that it would be a complete sin to pick just one favorite image. But, if we had to pick an image we loved it would be this picture. Tammy & Mark’s images make you relive experiences for a lifetime. In this case, this was the first time we were whisked away from our loving friends and family to be alone with each other and to reflect and experience “us” in the moment. When we look at this photo, it will always remind us of the commitment and love that we have for each other past, present and future. Looking at our photos always brings smiles and tears. Thank you Tammy & Mark!! – Vero & Glen
While planning our wedding, we had talked about really wanting a jumping picture with our entire wedding party, since we’re both known for wanting jumping pictures taken wherever we go. In fact, while I was choosing a wedding dress, “jumpability” was one of the key factors. We really loved this picture because it’s silly and fun and captures everyone’s joy (and jumping prowess) on our big day. We had just finished taking a lot of the traditional formal family pictures beforehand due to our large family, so by the time it was ready to take the jumping picture, we were all ready to let loose and jump! The beautiful background of the Brazilian room and the evening light hitting the trees make it even more memorable. The minute we got our pictures, we ordered a canvas for this print and now it hangs in our living room to remind us of how awesome our day was. – Lisa & Nelson
We love this picture because it captured from our perspectives the whirlwind of our wedding day. Even with all the energy and movements around us, in the end the day was about the 2 of us. Tammy and Mark captured how we felt that day and more importantly how we feel about each other. – Diana & John
We call this our “mafia” wedding pic because we all look so hard core. We love how this picture because it captures the beautiful setting of our wedding, each person’s uniqueness in the party, and our vintage theme. The composition is so beautiful that it serves as a piece of art along with being a wonderful memory from our wedding.
– Rebecca & Chris
Our experience with Tammy & Mark couldn’t have been better. On a day with pouring rain, they found a way to give us gorgeous dramatic pictures full of romance. They made us so grateful for the rain! Both of them were so warm and friendly. They really made us feel comfortable and we could not be happier. – Natalie & Adam
I love this because I wanted dancing at the wedding and people to have a good time, and this picture was a perfect snapshot of our favorite people getting down at our wedding. The candid shots really capture the little moments and big emotions of the wedding, and this is definitely one of my favorite candid shots. And if you look closely, you can see us getting down too! – Mei & Andrew
We love it because it totally capture how we felt about the day and it’s a unique angle! We’re both smiling with our eyes open :) Only thing missing is the palm tree in the background….. :) – Lia & Phil




From the first email, Tammy and Mark have absolutely been one of our favorite vendors to work with.
Their body of work is astounding. With their photojournalistic style, they capture moments that are full of natural emotion and meaning – not just posed shots with forced smiles (though those they do beautifully too). With our outdoor wedding in Lake Tahoe, they were able to work with a variety of lighting situations masterfully – especially when there was high sunlight, which was a major concern for us.
They were also very easy to work with. Tammy and Mark are a very charming couple who clearly knows their craft. They are very responsive and communicative – emails are responded to within 24 hours.
We highly recommend doing engagement photography with them before the wedding. It gave us a chance to understand how they work and gave Tammy and Mark experience shooting us (so they know how to make us look best).
The day of the wedding, they pulled us aside briefly for some posed shots and family pictures and then were unobtrusive for the rest of the night. Every once in a while you caught one in the corner of your eye and it was a nice reminder that you’d have something to remember that moment. They were very open to suggestions – places to shoot, particular poses, and the seemingly endless stream of family members to get pictures with.
Ultimately, Tammy and Mark were fantastic. Worth every penny.


I would absolutely-positively without-a-doubt highly recommend Memoire Studio, to anyone who wants top notch service and wants to re-experience the same feelings and emotions they experienced on their wedding day. If you want to experience “WOW” moments when viewing your photos, then Tammy & Mark do not disappoint. I can’t say enough about them. At the beginning, we were just like any other couple that knew really nothing about photography, but kept searching for a legitimate photographer. Now that we are married and the experience has passed, we can truly say that Memoire Studio exceeded our expectations! Thank you so much Tammy and Mark.. Memoire Studio rocks! We love you guys!!!!!


Tammy and Mark were incredible from the minute we contacted them, to the wedding and beyond! We are from Toronto but had our destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where Tammy and Mark joined us to document our special day(s) there. They not only expertly captured the emotions, excitement, happiness and fun of our wedding, but also of the day before and did our engagement session the “day after” in Puerto Vallarta. Our photos from them are absolutely amazing and we could not be happier with the way they turned out! Tammy and Mark were professional and super-friendly, and really knew how to engage us and our guests. Tammy and Mark hold a very special place in our (and our families’) hearts, and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for fantastic wedding photographers. Their photographs are truly gems, and we are so lucky to have had them preserve our memories of our destination wedding in such a special way!


I spent days and days searching for the prefect photographers for our wedding. Because I think that’s the most important vendor for a wedding. It’s really hard to tell by only looking at the pictures on websites and price ranges can be very different. Anyway, I found Tammy & Mark (Memoire Studio). We were so lucky to have them as our photographers. So professional, so nice, and most importantly, Great Work! I used to work with many photographers in my job. So I am very picky about this. They are the best choice for all the Brides and Grooms.
We love all our pictures, and so do our family & friends.


Memoire Studio was suggested to us through a friend who had been in the bridal party of another wedding shot by them. After reviewing their portfolio and meeting with Tammy and Mark personally, we knew they were the perfect match for us and our wedding and we are thrilled with the end results!It was very important to us that our pictures reflected our creativity and individuality. Tammy and Mark made sure we had all the traditional shots we needed for our family, but also captured the uniqueness of the day through very beautifully-composed and interesting points of view. We believe Tammy and Mark are true artists and this is what separates them from many other wedding photographers. That represent both the feminine and masculine points of view, and they notice beauty in the details (They capture a rare moment with a hummingbird at our reception site). They are also an awesome, professional, and fun to be around couple. We couldn’t have asked for more!


We couldn’t be happier with the pictures that Memoire Studio gave us. Everyone who has seen our pictures is raving about them! Mark and Tammy made us feel so comfortable through the whole process. They were by far the best vendor that we booked.


Mark & Tammy are so easy to work with, very friendly and very professional.They go the extra mile for clients. I had a special request and they accomodated! (e.g. taking engagement pics in Yosemite), They are also fairly price for the great work that they do! I knew I can trust them after taking my engagement pictures a few months before the wedding, and I was right, as I am very impressed with my wedding pictures as well!


My husband and I love the work of Tammy & Mark from Memoire Studio, they are amazing. Our engagement pictures came out beautiful and so did our teasers from our wedding day on 5/7/11. We love their work and would highly recommend them to anyone. Our guests were very impressed by all of the moving around they do to get the best shots from all different angles. Thanks Tammy & Mark and we look forward to working with you again in the future!


Memoire Studio flew up to Vancouver to cover our intimate civil wedding. Prior to the wedding we constantly communicated over email and phone calls about timeline and any questions we had. They were very comfortable to work with which was a plus because I tend to get nervous in front of the cameras. We like their non-intrusive photojournalistic style and our pictures turned out great! Elegant and professional! Next year we will have our destination wedding in Asia and we are looking forward to working with Memoire Studio again!!

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