Baby Felix

Feb. 9 2015

posted in Portrait

Meet the newest member of our family – Baby Felix

We photographed Yawen and Vince’s wedding last year and then we had the privilege to photograph their precious newborn baby!

Please meet adorable baby Elizabeth. She is so tiny and precious. Let the ooo’s and ahhh’s begin! :)

We’ve always loved babies but after going through the experience ourselves, these newborn session gave us another meaning. It is such an honor to be trusted by loving parents to take the precious baby photos.

Here’s precious baby Justin. We shot Justin’s bigger brother Ethan earlier in 2010. This sleepy fellow is such a joy to work with. We just want to curl right next to him and hug him. Or nap with him. hehe. :)

Here’s another adorable newborn session we did. Welcome Baby Preston! He has these cute hand gestures and his smile makes us want to smile with him.
He’s only a week old when we took these photos but he looks so alert already. Such a smart boy :)

It was fun to spend time with precious little Kepler. His cute newborn cries just makes us want to hug him tighter.

Here are some pictures of Baby Kepler. His head may be smaller than an apple, but he is full of energy and ready to take on the world.